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Soft fruity aromas with fresh berries, oak and toasted caramel surrounding the palette.

  • 35 ml Patrón Reposado

  • 20 ml Crème De Framboise

  • 20 ml Raspberry Syrup

  • 50 ml French Malbec (Pays D'Oc)

  • 2 drops (1 ml) Saline Solution 4:1

Garnish with Tequila Infused Caramelised Raspberries

Escape the Box reflects how everyone feels; we're slowly transitioning to being able to be around family and friends, host weddings and run off to far away lands. The flavours of this cocktail are a reflection of this; soft fruity aromas on the nose reminiscent of summer holidays in Southern France. Fresh berries, oak and toasted caramel surrounds the palette upon first sip, with a long, zesty, finish that transports you to a celebration of flavours designed to be shared and enjoyed together. The Patrón Reposado marries perfectly with the citrus within the raspberries, which in turn does a waltz with the fruitiness of the Malbec showcasing Patrón's naturally oaky, caramel palette. 

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" I Quit My 9 To 5 " 

Having opened a live music cocktail bar just mere weeks before the pandemic hit the UK, it's been eye opening to see how this crisis has affected not just hospitality staff but the local musicians who played our favourite anthems till dawn. 

In order to truly link back to the community, in the spirit of Patrón, I spoke with local musician and singer Joseph Malik, to include his latest release from his forthcoming album, Diverse Prt.3, as a QR code on the box, linking consumers to "I Quit My 9 To 5." 

This Ram Rock Records track brings an emotional honesty to the response of people being furloughed or paid off - not just the music industry but all the chefs, taxi drivers, bar staff, teachers and the ordinary people on the street. It's the perfect accompaniment to the cocktail, hopefully engaging the drinker in the conversation of how we as a community have been supporting one another with the background sounds of Malik and the powerhouses of the Easter Road Northern Soul Band. 



Designed to be a contraption of connectivity, artistry and community.

Inspired by what was happening in the world around me, Escape the Box is a cocktail designed to be a contraption of connectivity, resourcefulness, artistry and community. Our 'new normal' was being confined within four walls, enclosed and shut away from the wonders of the outside world in order to gain a glimpse of former normalities. With the world in chaos, distress and uncertainty the hospitality industry has taken hits with unfortunate staff layoffs and closures yet, during this period of challenges the industry has pushed its creativity further than ever before.

Ordering cocktails from our favourite bars became the new weekend treat and if you were lucky live streamed musicians gave us the greatest of background noise all from the comforts of out living rooms. 

Using the Bag in Box system is to ensure the ability to deliver this delicious cocktail with ease. This simple quickly batched serve, which can sustain a period of up to 3 weeks after opening, allows for easy mobility and the chance to serve the celebrations of the return of our communities. Upcycling the Patrón bottle packaging lines with Patróns continuous strive for minimising waste, recycling and protecting our environment, with a fresh pop of illustrative flair taking inspiration from the colourful limited edition Mexican Heritage tin packaging released in 2019.

Escape the Box is more than just a bag in box cocktail, it has the ability to connect a community which has gone through some difficult struggles and allow a chance to relax, escape the box we've confined ourselves in and move forward in celebration.

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